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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Callerheugh - Tillmouth Beat - River Tweed

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

River Faughan, N. Ireland, Co. Derry - Bessie's Dam

This is one of the most peaceful places on the river to sit and watch fish running. At this height of water from the Middle of the weir to The tree beside the sill of the weir, directly opposite, is where you will see the greatest number of fish trying the weir. When it gets bigger they will run either side and can be seen shooting straight out of the water from the other side as they power up through the wash and they then run out of water. An Awesome site.

Monday, 22 December 2008


Time to introduce myself

My name is Paul Slevin (FaughanPurple) and Martin has kindly allowed me to not only use this site to sell some of the flies i tie but also to post a few things as well.

I hope to add to his already growing blog with some pictures of my own from my home rivers and also of some of the flies i have tied. Once i figure out how to post pictures that is.

All of the flies are available for purchase and any existing patterns that you want tied with your own ideas and variations are most welcome.

Well tightlines and a Merry Christmas to you all


Dalmarnock Beat - River Tay

My very good friend Mr Colin McFadyen have recenty been taken on as Head Ghillie of the Dalmarnock Beat of the River Tay. These are exciting times for Colin as the beat will be publically let for the coming season, the beat used to be privatly fish before now. Colin will be running his own blog during the season for the beat and it can be accessed by clicking here
I would like to wish Colin all the best in his new position and tight lines to all the anglers who fish the beat with Colin in the coming seasons.

Curry's Red Shrimp - Genuine Irish Shrimp Pattern

The Curry's Red Shrimp is one of the most popular irish shrimp patterns, this fly is really good at the back end but will take fish all through the season.
These flies are tied by my very good friend Mr Paul Slevin and are priced at £2.50 each or £6 for the set of 3. To order these flies or any other patterns please email me by clicking here

Silver Rat Shrimp - Genuine Irish Shrimp Pattern

The Silver Rat Shrimp is an excellent early morning pattern, this fly works very well over the summer months when the fresh grilse are making there way up the river. This pattern has the added bonus of been a good taker of sea trout aswell.
These flies are tied by my very good friend Mr Paul Slevin and are priced at £2.50 each or £6 for the set of 3. To order these flies or any other patterns please email me by clicking here

Saturday, 20 December 2008

South Tyne Salmon

Here's a pic of my 1st salmon caught south of the border. I took this salmon from the Haltwhistle AC water on the South Tyne. The fish took a Black Death flying c made my Billy one of the ghillies on the Tillmouth Beat of the River Tweed. This fish weighed around 12-13lb

Friday, 19 December 2008

Black & Yellow Schlapper Conehead

I tied these recently for a fly swap on These are excellent colour combinations for the spring on most rivers. This fly has a Silver Mylar body, Black Fox over Yellow Fox wing, Black Schlappen hackle over Yellow Schlappen hackle. I normally tie the mylar in long and secure it at the end of the tube this allows the back bit of mylar to fray and create spakle to the pattern. To order this fly or another flies on this site please email me by clicking here

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Polar Extreme Pot Bellied Pig - Step By Step Tying

Here's a step by step for one of my favourite salmon flies.
Thanks for looking.
David Ballingall

Firstly the materials required. Hook:Salar gold size 7 / Thread:UTC 70 fire red/black boar bristles/black bucktail/black polar fox/ black cock saddleyellow cock saddle/fluro fire orange cock saddle/gold crystal hairyellow glister dubbing/ small oval silver tinsel/ jungle cock.
Begin by bedding the hook with tying thread
Then Dub in a small tag of yellow glister dubbing
Tie in 5 or 6 black boar bristles extending about 1 1/2 inches aprox.
Then tie in a small bunch of black bucktail the same length as the Bristles.
Then add a small bunch of Black polar fox over the bucktail about half the length of the bristles.
Select a long supple black cock hackle for the tail.
Tie in the hackle tip first then double it.
Make five turns of hackle then tie off securely and trim the waste
Tie in 2 strands of gold crystal hair on each side of the tail again at roughly the same length as the bristles.
At this stage tidy up the waste tie it down securely towards the head. When at the head tie in the rib and secure it on the side of the hook down to the tail.
Now dub on some yellow glister dubbing and create your body fairly loosly at this stage. (idealy a cigar shaped body is the goal tapering down towards the head)
Select a stiff yellow cock saddle hackle and tie in.
Make 2 turns where you tie it in then palmer it quite densly down the body and secure by ribbing(tightly towards the head).The rib should pull in the dubbing over the tying thread base to give the desired cigar shaped body.
Now select a Fluro fire Orange cock saddle feather and tie in (Please note my camera didn't like this colour in the wee hackles so I've used a larger than normal one so it would show up better)Double the hackle ready for tying
Make 2 turns of the doubled head hackle leaving enough space for JC and a neat head.(hackle would normally be much shorter than this.)
Now select 2 matching jungle cock eyes and tie in on top of the head in a gentle V shape.
Here's a top profile showing the V shaped JC cheeks (Normally the head hackle extends to the point where the body stops and the tail starts and this is the length I like my JC to be I find it gives the fly a better profile in the water.)
Here's the finished product PHEW!!!!
And In true Blue Peter Style here's a few I did earlier (with the correct length of head hackle giving better proportion to the fly.

I would like to thank Dave Ballingal for his kindness in letting me reproduce his step by step on this excellent pattern that Dave ties. Thank you very much Dave

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Monteith Speycaster Full Floater

The Monteith Speycaster Full Floating Lines come in 9/10 & 10/11. These lines are as good a speycasting line as you will find anywhere. These lines are priced at a very reasonable £45. For value for money this line will not be beating. There are a lot more expensive spey lines on the market at the moment that wont be as good as The Monteith. To purchase a Monteith line click here

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Irish Sucess On The Mourne

Heres a cracking 12lb salmon taken on one of Pauls cascades tied irish style.

Genuine Irish Shrimp Flies For Sale In 2009

Im very proud to be able to bring to you, Genuine Irish Shrimp Patterns all tied by my very good friend Mr Paul Slevin.

Pauls flies are beautifully tied using the best materials available and are proven fish catchers all over Ireland.

Pauls flies are priced at £2.50 each or a set of 3 the same pattern for £6.

Keep posted for pictures coming soon.

To order Pauls flies or any other flies please email me by clicking here

Monday, 15 December 2008

The Planting - River Faughan - N. Ireland

Photo Courtesy of my good friend Mr Paul Slevin

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Offer - Buy 4 sets of flies and get a 5th set free.

A set is 3 of the same fly/size. £6/per set

Sets available:-

Allys Shrimps
Silver Allys
Dee Sheep
Flamethrowers(colour options. red, yellow, orange, black, claret & purple)
Silver Stoats
Yellow/Red Tubes
Gold Bodied Willie Gunn Tubes
Black/Yellow Tubes
Eternal Optimist Tubes

To order click here

Payment accepted by cash, cheque or paypal

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Collie Dog Salmon Fly

The Collie Dog and other long hairwing patterns have became popular again in the last year or 2. Great fun can be had by fishing these flies square and fast with salmon happily coming onto the surface to chase them. To order these flies or any others please click here

Friday, 5 December 2008

Tweed Springer

Here's a lovely wee springer i caught this year, Hope it wets the appitite for the winter ahead and looking forward to getting the rods out in the spring. This wee fish was approx 8lb and covered in sea lice, taken on a Gold Bodied Willie Gunn Tube.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Kirkend - Carham Beat - River Tweed

The Kirkend Pool on the Carham Beat of the River Tweed.

Willie Gunn Winged

Here's a variant of the popular Gold Bodied Willie Gunn. This variant has the wing layered instead of mixed and wrapped around the tube. The Willie Gunn is a spring killer but works all through the season aswell. To order these flies or any other of my flies please click here