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Friday, 29 January 2010

Spring selection

Here is a small selection of some of the spring salmon flies I tie and use.

Temptress bottle tubes
Willie gunn Temple dog bottle tubes
Black and yellow copper tubes
black and orange copper tubes
calvins shrimp conehead

This is only a very small selection of the spring flies I tie. To order any flies or for details of my other patterns please e-mail me at

Spring Flamethrowers

Here is a wee selection of the flamethrower style doubles I tie for spring use.

Black and yellow
black/chartruese and lime
and yellow and highlander green

These flies feature pearl heads which give that extra attraction in the water, the lime and black one features an ultra violet head, that really lights up in the water.

To order any of these flies or to enquire about my other patterns e-mail me at

Donna's delight (Pink park shrimp)

Here is my 2010 take on the Park shrimp. Tied in pink and yellow , this fly is sure to catch the eye of a few passing salmon.

Available on any type of double or tube you desire.

To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

park shrimp salar double

Here is my version of the ever Popular park shrimp designed by Mr Ross MacDonald.

Tied on larger doubles for use in the spring.
Also available on smaller doubles and tubes, with or without coneheads

To order this or any of my flies e-mail me at

Orange and pink flamethrower

Here is my orange and pink flamethrower.

This fly is available on bottle tubes of 15mm and 22mm and also tied on doubles.

to order this or any of my flies e-mail me at

Temptress bottle tube

Here is My Temptress temple dog tied on a 22mm brass bottle tube.

The big sister of my 'Naughty girl' salmon fly the Temptress is a must have for your fly box.

To Order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at