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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Commet Tube variation

This is a variation on the comet tube fly
it uses a 3 colour fully wrapped wing to give a lovely blended coloured wing when in the water.
This fly is available on any type or size of tube from 1/2 inch plastc to 3 inch brass and everything in between (also avalaible on tungsten tubes 1/4 inch 1/2 inch and 1 inch)
To Order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

Gold bodied willie gunn (Tungsten Conehead)

This is my Gold willie Gunn tied on a 1 inch plastic tube with a Tungsten conehead.
This classic fly produces fish all over the uk and the rest of the world.
Why not add this modern take on a classic fly to your collection.
Available any size from 1-3 inches, with small/medium/ large tungsten cones in varying colours to suit your needs.
To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

Monday, 20 April 2009

All Black Shrimp salmon fly

This is another of my own patterns.
The All Black shrimp is designed for low clear water or for use in low light conditions.
In the smaller sizes it's ideal for seatrout, The larger sizes are perfect for Salmon in late spring and early summer.
To order this or anyt of my flies please e-mail me at

Glenfarclas shrimp Variation

This is my variation on the Glenfarclas hairwing fly.This fly is sparsley dressed and ideal for lower clear water. Available here at the Salmon Fly Blog dressed on any size of double. To order this or anyu of my flies please e-mail me at

Tarantula salmon fly

This is one of my own patterns,
It is a large spider pattern designed for salmon.
It uses a stiff underwing to give support to the mobile hackle materials.
The fly has a holograpgic silver body which glints enticingly from under the hackles.
This fly swims and pulses in the water when a little movement is imparted to your line.
Ideal for clear or low water when fish are wary of big bright flies.
Available here on the Salmon Fly blog, dressed on any size of hook. (

Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Editor Salmon Fly

Here is my variation on the ever popular Editor Salmon fly.
I have changed the body material from the origional pearl tinsel over white thread, to holographic silver tinsel.
The fluo rib on this fly really makes it come alive and shine in the water.
An absolute must have fly for any salmon angler.
Available here at Salmon fly. To order please e-mail me at


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dee Monkey Salar double Salmon fly

Here is my Dee monkey tied on a silver salar double.
The underwing uses cock hackles for support with schlappen and fox over the top for mobility, then the goat hair wing and some flash.
The underwing prevents the tail from wrapping round the hook when casting.

This fly is available from the blog, and is more productive in the bigger sizes. But I will tie it on any size /colour you may need.
Please e-mail me at to order

Friday, 3 April 2009

Sunray shadows

Well it's getting to to the time of the year where the water warms up a little and fish will move that wee bit further to take your fly.
Here are some sunrays that will get their attention.

They are available in a huge range of colours to suit different conditions

For best rsults fish them off a full floater or float sink tip, casting them square and stripping them across the water on the surface. Be prepared for vicious takes.
To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Baxter's babe Salmon fly

This is the baxters babe fly made famous in the last few seasons on the river Helmsdale.
It's a great fly for late spring through to the backend. The tungsten conehead allows the small slim profiled fly to cut down through the water and get to fish that are lying that wee bit deeper.
This fly works especially well on spate rivers.( available in any colours)
To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

Arctic Flamethrower Pig salmon fly

This is my Arctic Flamethrower pig which uses combinations from some highly succesfull fly patterns. It uses the most mobile of materials tyed in the flamethrower style to prevent wrapping when casting!
This is a great fly for fresh fish.
To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at