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Friday, 6 September 2013

Gledswood Shrimp Salmon Fly

The Gledswood Shrimp was created by Mr Ian Bennett and named after the Gledswood Beat on the River Tweed

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mouse Trap Pool Dunkeld House Salmon Fishing Beat River Tay

Here's a wee look at the tail of the Mouse Trap pool on the Dunkeld House Salmon Fishing Beat on the River Tay. This pool holds salmon all through the season

Dunkeld House Salmon Fishing Beat River Tay Scotland

Fishing Boat ready for the day ahead on the Dunkeld House Salmon Fishing Beat on the River Tay Scotland

Black/Orange/Yellow Snaelda Conehead Salmon Fly

To purchase this pattern click here

Gold Bodied Willie Gunn Salmon Fly

One of the best salmon flies in the world, the Gold Bodied Willie Gunn is a must have pattern in every salmon fisherman's box

Monkey Salmon Fly

One of the most successful salmon flies of recent times the Monkey

Autumn Salmon Fishing Salmon Fly

Here's a cracking Autumn Salmon Fly. The Black & Red Tube Fly with a Holographic Silver body. This fly will catch you fish on any river system in the autumn. Ideally used on tubes from 1" - 2" in length.

Executionier Salmon Fly

Here's a batch of Executioners that we recently tied for a client.

The Executioner is one of the best summer low water salmon flies

River Tyne Salmon Fishing

Here is a wee batch of flies from Tay Salmon Fly that were recently sent to a client on the River Tyne.

In this selection there are Shadow Shrimp, Tronach Shrimp, Girnal Shrimp and Aurora Cascade.