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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Francis Salmon fly

Another of my versions of the deadly francis.
This fly continues to catch salmon the world over. if you don't have these in your box your crazy.
Available in red/black and orange.
Tied here on a 15mm brass bottle tube. It is available on any size tube you require
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Feeler Fly

My tying of the cover fly from this months trout and salmon magazine.
the feeler fly concept developed by Ron Sutherland of the helmsdale tackle company has proven to be deadly this spring.
This is my own tying of the srping great.. black and yellow tube, now with added feelers.
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Fiddlers Fancy Salmon fly

The Fiddlers Fancy Named after the Fiddlers pool of the Newtyle beat of the River Tay.
This pattern is going to be a big hit this season.
Tied with the Flamethrower Profile, and a great combination of colours including a wee bit of purple, and that shiny silver head to catch the salmons eye.
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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Flamethrower Salmon flies

The flamethrower is one of the most succesful salmon flies of recent times.Here are a few of the variations that I tie
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