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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Calvin's shrimp Salmon fly

This is my tying of Ross MacDonalds Calvin shrimp.
A deadly variation to the Park shrimp.
Available dressed on doubles or in conehead form
A great fly from late sprin right through to the backend
To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

Friday, 24 December 2010

Pot bellied pig Salmon fly

Here is a small selection of the pot bellied pigs I tie.
These ones are tied on 15mm and 22mm brass bottle tubes, and on Size 6/8/10 doubles
They are quite simply put, one of THE deadliest ever style of salmon fly's available, and regularly account for fish all over the world, in Russia, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, and many many more. You would be mad not to have a box filled with these.
I am now offering boxed selections of these flies.
Please E-mail me at to order or for any queries.

Snaelda Salmon fly

One of the deadliest flies ever to have swam.
An absolute killer in the Kola Peninsula, and on so many Scandinavian rivers. It's fast gaining popularity here in the UK.
This fly will take fish all year long.
Available on plastic/Aluminium/copper/tungsten tubes, and also available with a brass or tungsten conehead to suit.
To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

Available in the origonal colour scheme or with my blue variation.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Rainbow highlander Salmon fly

This fly is my own twist on the ever popular Black highlander Temple dog.
The wing features a combinatin of 7 colours for a truly spectalular look in the water.
Each layer of wing has it's own subtle sparkle and flash of angel hair, and crystal hair.
Topped off with a fluorescent yellow cone to set the wing in motion, and keep it swimming on an even keel.
These flies are deadly in the spring in the UK, and can be fished all year round abroad, in places like the Kola Peninsula.
To order this or any of my salmon flies, please e-mail me at

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Silver Shadow shrimp Salmon fly

The silver Shadow shrimp is the origonal and best of the shadow shrimp flies.
It is a must have for any salmon angler in the UK or abroad.
A deadly fly in Scandinavia, Russia's Kola Penninsula, and here in the UK
Available in sizes 6,8,10,12
And now also available on bottle tubes. 15mm or 22mm

To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at

Gold Shadow shrimp Salmon fly

Here is the gold version of the ever popular Shadow shrimp.
This fly is a proven Killer both in the UK and abroad, being a favourite of anglers fishing the Kola rivers.
Available in sizes 6,8,10,12

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Bertie Dastard Spring Salmon Fly

A Must have Salmon Fly for anybody fishing in the Spring months. The Killer combination of yellow and Black along with the Fluorescent yellow cone to keep it all swimming on an even keel.
Available on Plastic/Aluminium/ copper/ or Tungsten tubes

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