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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sucess On The Cascade At The Carham Beat Of The River Tweed

Here is a lovely 12lb salmon that i caught from the Carham Beat of the River Tweed on the 2nd July 2008 on my own tied cascade salmon fly. This fish took in the Long Stream from the Scottish Bank and was expertly tailed by my good friend Mr Iain Quinn.

Carham is an excellent fishing beat and good catches are recorded all through the season. For more information on the Carham Beat click here


Jock Monteith said...

That wouldn't by any chance be the Monteith rod & line System your using there Martin ?!!!

Martin Ritchie said...

Yep "Team Monteith" did the damage that day.
Definetly the best rod and line combo that ive ever used.
Cheers for making me ditch my B&W's

Anonymous said...

Heard the pinkie done the damage too that day Martin.