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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Irish Shirmp Lemon or Yellow Shrimp

Here is a step by step for this spring pattern. It is widely used on the Spring rivers of Ireland and its a pattern ive had great success with myself. I use it right from opening day through to August in all water conditions and sizes.

The Materials you will need are:
Hook - To suit conditions or personal choice

Tag - Silver Oval Large on the bigger sizes right through to small on sizes like Size 16

Tail - Golden Pheasnat Red breast Feather

Rib - Silver Oval I use a size smaller than then tag.

Rear Body - Yellow Seals Fur or Floss

Middle hackle - Yellow Cock The shade of yellow is important it muct match the colour of the rear body.

Front Body - Black Seals Fur or Floss
Front Hackle - Silver or Cream Badger.
Jungle Cock - Optional
Head - red
I prefer the cream and floss version of the fly in the small verison size 12 to 16 for low water in summer.
Tie in tag

Then select your Tail Feather From the Golden Phesant. The fibres should be about the length of the hook. Tie in tip first doubling the fibres over and turn 3 times
With the tag and tail done we look to the rear half of the body. Catch in your silver rib dub on your yellow seals fur body and run it to about half way on the hook shank. Give the silver rib 4 turns and tie off. You can pluck out the seals fur to give a bushier dumpier fly. This often works better in the cold waters of the spring. For the summer i tie them with floss bodies.
Select a yellow cock feather for the middle hackle. The fibres should reach or slightly extend past the barb of the hook. Tie in tip first and double as per the tail. Give 3 full turns and tie off.

For the Front body repeat the process as per the rear body except with black seals fur and only turn in 3 times.
Now select 2 Jungle cock eyes of you liking and tie it at head of fly in a V shape facing away

Now Select a badger feather for the front hackle. The fibres should extend to about half way along the middle hackle fibres. Again personal preference. Form a neat head tie off and varnish 3 times.

On a silver salar

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