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Friday, 3 April 2009

Sunray shadows

Well it's getting to to the time of the year where the water warms up a little and fish will move that wee bit further to take your fly.
Here are some sunrays that will get their attention.

They are available in a huge range of colours to suit different conditions

For best rsults fish them off a full floater or float sink tip, casting them square and stripping them across the water on the surface. Be prepared for vicious takes.
To order this or any of my flies please e-mail me at


Martin Ritchie said...

Excellent flies mate

Keep them coming


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a selection of Sunrays!
What criterias o you have when you select one colour over another at the water?

David Ballingall said...

As far as colours go I decide which one to use based on, time of year, ie, yellows green/chartuese/pink in the early part of the season. Orange /blue are both good for fresh fish and especially grilse.
Red is the best option for the backend.
Water colour and temp also have a lot to do with it, In clear water I will sometimes use a completely black sunray(also available here)
in cold water when I am fishing deeper I will use a brighter fly to stand out a bit in the mirky depths.
Hope this helps.
If you would like to order any just drop us a line. Can do you a good deal on a set of them.

Anonymous said...

What tubing do you tie them sunrays shown in the picture on, and does the white tubing work as well as clear tubing which most others I have seen have been tied on?

David Ballingall said...


The white tubes fish just as well as the clear tubes, the only difference is the slimmer profile of the white tube allows it to cut down a wee bit further into the water if you want to fish just under the surface rather than on top with a hitch etc.