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Monday, 18 May 2009

Shooting Star turbo disc.

Here is a fly of my design, based on the octopus form of turbo tubes.

This fly incorporates the softest possible materials tied on a lightwieght scandinavian tube system.
The whole fly is set of by the turbo disc at the front which creates turbulence around the fly, this brings even the softest materials to life, causing them to pulse and swim in fast or slow water.
Turbo discs also ensure that your fly always swims the right way around, from the second it hits the water, no matter how average your casting may be.

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Anonymous said...

It looks out of proportion to me, the tube being too short for the size of the turbo cone being used. The hackles are way to long for the size of the fly, and the wing is too short.
I don't know where you got the idea that the turbo cone will make it swim upright, but it not true. The thing that makes the flu swim the right way is the length and positioning of the wing, which acts as a rudder.

David Ballingall said...

I never said anything about the fly swimming upright, I said it faces the right way round as soon as it hit's the water.

The tube in the picture doesn't yet have the junction tubing in place.
the wing and hackles are the perfect length for the fly,
And I have tested this fly, it swims the correct way up, with the wing acting as a rudder as it should.
I appreciate your comments however I am happy with the proportions of the fly and I know how good it looks in the water.