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Friday, 16 August 2013

The Usual Shrimp Salmon Fly

After seen the old Scandinavian pattern The Usual, I had the idea in my head of turning it in to a shrimp fly pattern, I played with a few materials until I was happy with the final product. The Usual Shrimp was born.
Since I introduced this fly to a few of my fishing friends it has taken quite a few fish for them, their main like for the fly is its ability to tempt the bigger fish.
Off all the reports that I've had back about the fly for anglers the average size of salmon landed on the fly is 17lbs.
I have a few more new patterns that are in testing at the moment and hope to have them available soon. 

To purchase some Usual Shrimps please click here

The Usual Shrimp Is Tied On Doubles By Request.

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