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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ness C Flamethrower Conehead Salmon Fly - Tay Salmon Fly

The Ness C is a fantastic salmon fly which works very well throughout the season by varying the size of the fly to suit the prevailing water conditions.
With its bright vibrant colours it proves irresistible to early running spring salmon. Personally I have found it to be a good fly to turn to when nothing else is working and it seems to get a reaction.

Ness C Flamethrower Salmon Fly Dressing :-

Rear Body:- Purple Glo Brite, With Pearl Tinsel Over, Silver Oval Rib
Mid Hackle:- Yellow
Tail:- Yellow/Orange/Purple Bucktail Mixed With 2 Strands Of Pearl Flash 
Front Body:- Purple Glo Brite With Silver Rib
Hackle:- Orange Over Yellow
Cone:- Silver

Fly Tied By Tay Salmon Fly

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