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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Upper Hendersyde Beat - River Tweed - Scotland

The Upper Hendersyde beat on the River Tweed is situated at Kelso in Roxburghshire immediately below the Junction beat and above the Sprouston beat. It comprises approximately one mile of double bank fishing with four excellent holding pool, Upper Winter Cast, Winter Cast, Mill Stream and Ferry. There are two boats on the beat and the fishing is for three rods.
There is a full time ghillie on the beat, Mr Ronnie McElrath, and his services are included in the rent. The beat is normally let by the week for a maximum of three rods. Occassionally, half weeks will be let.
The owner is a keen supporter of the Tweed Angling Code and Spring Conservation Measures, and consequently encourages all tenants to follow these guidelines.

Contact Details

Mark Merison
Merison Sporting
Oxhouse Farm
The Locks
SN10 1QR
Tel: 01380 728592

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