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Saturday, 31 May 2014

How Do I / How To Tie A Cascader Salmon Fly - Tay Salmon Fly

Materials Required - Orange Bucktail, Yellow Bucktail, Pearly Krystal Flash, Black Krystal Flash, Silver Oval Tinsel, Silver Holographic Tinsel, Black Straggle, Black Fox, Yellow Hackle, Orange Hackle, Black Thread and Jungle Cock.

Using the black thread bring it down the body and tie in a tag using the silver oval tinsel. Don't cut off.
 Mix Orange and Yellow Bucktail together and tie in as a tail.
 Add 3 strands of pearl krystal flash
 Using the silver holographic tinsel cover the rear of the body.
 For the front body use the black straggle.
 Bring the silver oval tinsel up over the body to create the rib.
 Tie in a bunch of black fox as a wing. ( You can use squirrel)
 Add 3 strands of black krystal flash to the wing.
 Tie in a yellow hackle.
 Tie in an orange hackle.
 Add Jungle Cock top and bottom, then finishs of the head and varnish.
 The Finished Fly
  The Finished Fly
 The Finished Fly 

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