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Monday, 24 August 2015

Ruby Red Floating Devon Minnows - Tay Salmon Fly

Made in Scotland these Floating Devon Minnows are handmade using only the finest products available. Great care is taken on each individual Devon Minnow to ensure they are fully sealed before painting and finished with several coats of clear both on the outside and internal bore, the quality of these minnows is kept to the highest standard possible.

 Floating Devon Minnows come in many colours; one of the most popular and deadly of these is the Ruby Red. The popularity of using these minnows is on the increase and getting your hands on the finest Devon Minnows has now become easier through Tay Salmon Fly.

 The best way to fish the Floating Devon Minnow is behind a bouncing betty style lead weight. If you require more help or information on fishing them please drop us a message using the contact us page of the website.

 These floating devon minnows come with a hook less mount so that you can use your own personal preference of hook.

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