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Sunday, 1 July 2018

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 30th June 2018 - Tay Salmon Fly

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 30th June

The best weekly catch of the season so far was followed by the hottest week of the season with the air temperature ranging from 28-32 degrees over the week. The odd morning was greeted with a welcome harr which helped the fishers to land some fish in very difficult conditions. 10 of the week’s catch been reported caught above Kelso. 10 fish were reported between Kelso and Coldstream and 10 reported below Coldstream. With the conditions we had on the river this week, well done to those who put the effort in and were rewarded with some sport. This week coming looks quite similar with hot sunshine forecast and very low water conditions, below summer levels on most beats. Dawn and Dusk could be the best times to be fishing.

Fishing early morning paid off at Dryburgh Upper for Mr Ginger Cuthbert and Mr Sam Thomson landing fish of 10lbs and 14lbs. Fishing at Lower Birgham Mr Stewart Binns landed a lovely fresh fish on the fly.

West Learmouth beat had a very good June with 25 fish landed for the month.

On the River Till, the Sea Trout catches remain steady in the last week with 8 reported last week, with Redscar and Upper Tindal landing 3, Lower Tindal 3 and Tiptoe 2

33 Salmon and 36 Sea Trout, with the best fish for the week was 14lb Salmon caught on the Dryburgh Upper and Lower Birgham Beat’s.

Tweedswood Head Ghillie Mr Kevin Patterson reports “30th June ah well it’s with red arms very red neck and just about a crisp finish to any flesh that had factor 50 every day twice a day low water and hay fever that just doesn’t even come on the VH pollen rating it’s been a totally wipe out on the fishers and fish. Spring 2018 is not one to remember and sad thing is it should have been plenty water and good levels just no nos of salmon in fact they won’t get 950 for the whole river that says it all along . I used to go to meetings years ago and we were really worried that the catch in spring was just about sustainable at 2750 so where does this put us in sustainable levels. The river fish that are still in there are down back into the lower deeper beats as we are running at minus on the scale up here it’s not happened and we will not really know what’s what for a while till rain comes along . But in this low water and heat we need to be very careful in coming weeks treating the old spring fish with kid gloves we have protected them so far but three dead over last few weeks floating down is not good news one with a 20 gram flying c still lodged in it tells a story it’s in our hands to help out these fish. If last few years are anything to go by no backend run we will just have to hope that there's a change in one weather and a few backend salmon turn up if we are being realistic catch and realise needs to be put on now and the few salmon in the river get a chance can’t see it any other way. Not had numbers through the fish pass this should be put live on line as it at least gives what’s happening in the Ettrick and lets us see what’s got up safe think this will come soon. Five salmon Tweedswood for the whole spring this area has not done well Drygrange not even recording one plus others not into double figures it goes to show what happens when the runs don't come home and it’s got to be an eye opener to every one we need to look hard at this and start to think what we can do .Well one week to go mostly unlet thank good ness then my holidays can’t wait and just back to the drawing board and I am starting maintenance on Monday we are doing a wee croy repair to tappies croy waters lowest I’ve seen it in 27 years so make the most of it get a croy repaired on dry river bed there's a first the tourists and holiday makers have arrived and at least they are enjoying swimming and picnicking the rivers such a draw and with a car park at the gate it’s become a holiday camp in any good days here’s hoping for a bit rain soon but it’s looking like two weeks mid-day temps 23 degrees enjoy the weather and see what august brings cheers Kevin”

Hendersyde Head Boatman Ketch reports “Another tough week for fishermen and fish, y rods fished mostly early mornings and later in the evenings trying to keep away from the pools during the worst of the heat, It doesn’t always pay off but flogging the pools through the blazing mid-day sunshine doesn’t do anybody any good, or the fish which are probably stressed enough with the rising water temp. We did manage a fresh wee grilse on Sat evening saving a blank” 

On Upper North Wark, A very hot and sunny week with the water level dropping to minus 5 inch on our gauge making fishing conditions very hard. Mr Stuart Norris saved a blank week fishing in the evening landing a lovely 7lb fish on a Dunkeld fly.

Lees Head Boatman Mr Malcolm Campbell reports “A lovely hot week, nothing landed but a few splashes and boils at the skimmers and sunrays. River needs a flood to cool it down and hopefully bring some fish in. Water temp on Friday night was 74 degrees.”

Mr David Cowan secretary of Berwick and District Angling Association beat on the Whiteadder reports “Nothing to report badly needing rain”

The week ended with the level at Sprouston 1” and the water temperature is 68.

Looking at the availability for this coming week I would recommend the Dryburgh Lower and Upper Beats, Ladykirk, Horncliffe and Tweedhill beats should have a chance of some action this week.

The forecast this coming week, Tuesday and Wednesday will both be dry and warm days, with lots of sunshine and light winds, as well as the potential for some early morning mist and low cloud. Thursday will be warm with good periods of further sunshine, but also the threat of some showers breaking out. These may be locally heavy with perhaps a rumble of thunder too.

As always I would like to thank all those who provide me with the information to make this report, it is very much appreciated. If you have any information or photo’s you would like included please get in touch with Martin on 07825334427 or

With water levels getting back towards summer levels and the water temperature being in the late 60’s Floating lines with poly leaders on the end should cover most fishing conditions at the moment. Dressed flies around a size 12 to 14 should be the order of the day,  I would suggest are Copper Cascade, Stenton Shrimp, Gledswood Shrimp, Kylie Shrimp, Editor and Sunray Shadow should bring success. If you like to give the spinner a go, Rapala or Toby should bring results.

As always come prepared and always listen to the advice of your boatman or ghillie. If you’re needing to top up your fly box ahead of your trip please check out

Season So Far catches
Total catch last week:  Salmon 33 Sea Trout 36
Total caught so far this season: 1003 Salmon and 249 Sea Trout

As reported on Fishtweed:-
(Biggest Salmon 21lb Birgham Dub)
(Biggest Sea Trout 12lb Tillmouth & Birgham Dub)

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