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Sunday, 19 May 2019

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 18th May 2019 - Tay Salmon Fly

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 18th May

Another week where we were faced with bright hot sunshine for the majority of the week and this will have affected the catches quite a bit unless fishing early and late on the beats that allow fishing at those times. After the Monday morning clean out the catches tail off until Friday with 3 days of glorious sunshine more suited to a nice bbq or sea food platter with some refreshments. As the weather cooled and clouded over towards the end of the week the catches picked up a bit and a few more fresher fish appear to have arrived in the river to. Even with the lower water conditions the catches are still spread out from the middle river down to the tide. Reports this week and a wee bit more mixture of fresh fish and some river fish been caught, could still do with a rise to see what Sea Trout and that will come with the NE Nets been off this year, hopefully lots of them fingers crossed, if only this rain would stop going around us and actually hit the top of the catchment! Mr Stephen Bolton fishing at Ladykirk had quite an unusual capture landing a lovely fresh salmon with a Lamprey still attached to its side. (Check out the photos to see it for yourselves) this is the 2nd time I’ve heard this as there was a sea trout landed at Hendersyde last season which had a Lamprey attached but it fell off into the net.

Above Kelso 15 fish were reported, Lower Pavilion had 3 for the week with Mr Lee Conway landing an 8lber from Cowies, Mr Matthieu Rochas landed a 10lb Salmon in Cowies and a 5lb sea trout from Upper Bridge and on Saturday Mr Scott Connelly landed a lovely 9lber from Cowies. On Gledswood Mr Paul Morling had a casting lesson from ghillie Andrew Rohleder at 10am, at 12pm he landed his first salmon from the Cromweil Pool on an Orange Gledswood Shrimp. Very well done Sir, hopefully the first of many for you.
Between Kelso and Coldstream 33 fish were reported with Junction 7, Hendersyde 8, Birgham Dub 8, six of which were caught on Saturday, having the better of the fishing. Fishing at the Lees Mr Gene Godden landed a lovely fresh 10lber from the Slap and followed it up with a 12lber from the Cauldstream both on the fly.

Below Coldstream 22 fish were reported. Ladykirk continue to pick away with Mr Stephen Bolton and Mr Antoine Kopff having success. Tillmouth had the best of the fishing landing 7 for the week. On Waltham and Dritness syndicate water Mr Ron Martin landed an 8lber on Monday, Mr Jack Weightman landed a 9lber on Wednesday and followed it up with a sea trout on Saturday. Also on Saturday Mr Martin Inkster landed fish of 10lb and 12lb.
On the BDAA beat of the River Whiteadder Mr Colin Tait landed a nice fish on the deadly Ghillie salmon fly from Tay Salmon Fly.

On the River Till, no fish were reported.

78 Salmon and 8 Sea Trout, with the best fish for the week was 18lb Salmon caught on the Sprouston beat.

Hendersyde Head Boatman Ketch reports” Another fairly steady week with a few fresh fish still managing to get to our pools. The prayer mat is coming out the cupboard soon though if we don't get some much needed rain. The bright conditions didn't help matters either but we ended up with 8 salmon for the week so not a bad result considering.

On Upper North Wark, water conditions remain on the low side for the beat. Please note at the end of this coming week we will be closing the beat for let rods until Monday 5th August for the building of our new fishing hut.

Lees Head Boatman Mr Malcolm Campbell reports “A quiet start to the week. Wednesday onwards we started to see a few more fish and on Saturday morning the Lees Slap was fairly busy with fish showing. Gene Godden lost one first cast, had a boil second cast blank third cast and 12lb liced cock on his fourth cast, he followed this up with a 10lber from the Cauldstream. It was all quiet after that as the fish had moved on to Birgham dub by the looks of it.

Ladykirk Head Ghillie Mr Matthi Viethen reports “Quiet start to the week due to water temperature shooting up into the low sixties. But a better day on Friday with 2 summer salmon for guest rod Stephen Bolton, only fishing the morning, and being his 1st cast on Ladykirk this year and in very bright conditions too. His long tailed sea liced Salmon of 7lb still had a Lamprey of about 10" attached to. Never seen that before (even though I've seen quite a few Lamprey marks on fish before). On Friday afternoon, French rod Antoine Kopff got lovely Springer of 7lb and fishing on Saturday, he got another Springer of 11lb, summer fish of 6lb and a Sea trout of 5lb (which I wrongly reported as a Grilse). He's done very well this season, catching 7 Salmon and 1 Sea trout in 8 days fishing at Ladykirk! Unbelievable for this time of year. Trės bien monsieur!!”

Berwick and District Angling Association Secretary Dave Cowan reports “Whiteadder continued to drop over the week to steady out at 3 inches on Wednesday where it stayed. Only one fish reported for the week a 7lb salmon from upper Beats. Still fish in the pools but need some rain to move them through.

We are blessed in this area to have some superb local fishing tackle shops that are well worth a visit the superb well stocked Borders Gunroom in St Boswells and Fin and Game in Kelso I would recommend for a rummage round which and find out from the local staff what’s currently doing the damage on the river and lochs.

After any fishing trip on the Tweed it’s always worth a trip to Kelso to enjoy a superb meal with great atmosphere in the fabulous Contented Vine restaurant. I would highly recommend it as a must visit during your trip. Call 01573 224777 to reserve your table.

The stunning Saddler Cottage, located within the grounds of Tillmouth Park in now under new ownership. Suitable for fishers and families this lovely cottage is very handily placed for fishing the Lower and Bottom Tweed beats. If you would like more information please check out the link

The week ended with the level at Sprouston 2” and the water temperature is 59.

Looking at the availability for this coming week I would recommend the Boleside, Lower Pavilion, Lower Birgham, Ladykirk, Pedwell and Horncliffe beats should have a chance of some action this week.

The forecast this coming week, any early mist will soon clear in the morning, and there will be sunny periods throughout the day. There will also be a chance of showers, the most likely in the afternoon and evening. Tuesday should be mostly dry with bright or sunny periods, although the odd isolated shower may develop during the day. It will be dry overnight and it will remain dry for most of Wednesday. There is a slight chance of some rain moving in from the west on Wednesday evening and night. Some uncertainty over the details for Thursday, but it is expected to be an unsettled day.

As always I would like to thank all those who provide me with the information to make this report, it is very much appreciated. If you have any information or photo’s you would like included please get in touch with Martin on 07825334427 or

Look at what to bring for the week aheads fishing, Floating lines with assorted poly leaders should suffice on most places with Gledswood Shrimp, Pot Belly Pig, Underghillie and Cascade are all capable to tempting that springer on half inch or dressed flies in size 8 and 10. On the spinning front the Black and Gold Rapala, 18-20gm tobies should bring results.

As always come prepared and always listen to the advice of your boatman or ghillie. If you’re needing to top up your fly box ahead of your trip please check out

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