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Sunday, 26 March 2017

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 25th March 2017 - Tay Salmon Fly

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 25th March 2017

 The rising water over the weekend left us faced again with mucky brown water at the start of the week.  There was virtually zero Fishing below the Teviot confluence as a combination of high water and a return of the awful chocolate colour spoilt yet another weeks sport.

Above the Teviot fish were caught with the Floor’s beats and Makerstoun picking away. Mr Alex Knox owner of The Contented Vine restaurant in Kelso, landed a lovely fish from Upper Floors on a Tay Salmon Fly, Black and Yellow Pot Belly Pig. A superb 21lber was also caught on Tuesday.

Speaking with Makerstoun's Head Boatman Mr Colin Pringle, “It was a good week considering the conditions with 6 Springer’s landed, some of which were sea liced. The Jora Gold was amongst the successful flies for the week. Quite a few fish seen in the beat on Saturday

On the Junction, Dr Hennigan’s party landed 6 along with 1 Sea Trout. Fishing was limited due to the water conditions with Wednesday seeing the best of the action with 3 landed, while on Saturday there was a lot of activity unfortunately 4 fish were lost.

Lower Birgham had the only fish caught below the Teviot Junction

At Upper North Wark fishing was mostly done in coloured water throughout the week. Some brief encounters and a couple of Sea Trout help to keep the spirits up.

 The week ended with the level at Sprouston 2ft 4” and the water temperature is 46.

Looking at the availability for the upcoming week I would recommend Upper Makerstoun, Lower Birgham and Upper North Wark, these beats all been well should have a good chance of some action this coming week.

 Looking ahead to next week the water levels are starting to steady off and should slowly settle and drop in as the week progresses. Looking at what flies and lures for the coming week, water temperatures are starting to rise to a level where dressed flies in sizes 6 or 8, tubes around the inch size should be about right. Blacko’s Dee Special, Ghillie, Underghillie & Girnal Shrimp should bring success, while on the spinning front the 13cm Blue Rapala,  Tobies in 18gm – 28gm and with the water temperature getting up a bit now the flying c should bring some success. As always come prepared and always listen to the advice of your boatman or ghillie.
Season So Far catches as reported on Fishtweed.
Salmon 155 (Biggest 22lb Junction)
Sea Trout 21 (Biggest 8lb Lower Birgham & Junction)

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